Robot Form and Function Lab

Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University at Buffalo

Welcome to RFFL

Robots, no matter the size, must interact with their physical environments, applying forces to locomote, gathering data to sense, and sending messages to communicate. We strive to understand the fundamental principles that enable autonomy in small biological systems, largely insects, and translate this to autonomy microrobots. Our research focuses on design of mechanisms for locomotion and actuation, integration of computing for control and autonomy, and applying engineering tools to understand insect biomechanics. We leverage our new understanding and knowledge toward bringing microrobots to the same levels of autonomy as their insect counterparts.

We are inspired by the diversity of insects, that are capable of fast locomotion, high speed striking, and even jumping. Our research expertise spans robotics, microfabrication, biomechanics, functional morphology, computing, and control.